Katerina always had passion for art from childhood.  In 2013 she trained with LONG TIME LINER in Munich and got her first diploma in Permanent Make up for of pre-drawing. One week after she got her LONG TIME LINER diploma Licence I. “Permanent make up is her dream, her life  and the most her passion”


August 2013
Katerina attended the unique masterclass with Russia master Alina Soloveva And BIOTEK MILANO Anna Savina.

September 2013
Attended a special class for colour theory with well known UK  Permanent Make up company DERMACE.

October 2013
Katerina went to learn to Poland. After a long, hard week of training she has been certified and recieved the title ELITE in permanent make up with LONG TIME LINER. Since than she is now recognised as an Elite permanent make up artist in UK


April 2014
Travelled to HONG KONG to train in the most invasive technique in permanent make up called Microblading with a hand tool known as embroidery or soft touch with international trainer Rebecca Chung.

 June 2014
Attended Nouveau Beauty pro-tips seminar

 July 2014
Katerina brought the new invasive technique called microblading also known as embroidery or soft touch to the UK as first person and organised the first unique masterclass in Hereford for qualified technicians to learn this amazing skill.

Katerina hosted, Rebecca Chung international permanent make up trainer from HONG KONG. IPM China trainer and introduced this technique officially to UK for the first time


August 2014
Attended other class in UK organised by Naomi Waite and Claire Hobson to learn even more about permanent make up and met USA master Mary Ritcherson to learn her BRANCHING TECHNIQUE

In the same week she also learned new technique FLUFFY EYEBROWS from Natalyia Yeremenko from Estonia.

September 2014
Advanced training in hand tool known as Soft touch (Rome, Italy)


November 2014

One of the judges for international championship



January 2015

training in Switzerland for new manual technique called DIAMANT BLADING and becoming EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR FOR UK

diamant blading picture


March 2015

ROMA Katerina Zapletalova teached small class of trainees in Microblading manual technique



April 2015

Katerina Zapletalova teached very known trainers from leading permanent make up company in Uk called FINISHING TOUCHES in microblading

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August 2015

Katerina Zapletalova attending conference in Poland (all about brows) as speaker for microblading under organisation BROADWAY BEAUTY




October 2015

Katerina Zapletalova is director and owner of trade mark of firs PMU championship and Pmu Conference in UK and organising first event 31st October ni ICC exhibition centre BIRMINGHAM


In 2013 she also approved her own course for permanent make up microblading  hand tool and became first ever person training microblading in UK

After a lot of research and hard work, Katerina had her own micro needles manufactured in Korea for microblading (embroidery) and is the first main supplier in UK.



November 2015

judging permanent make up competition overseas PL



January 2016

one of 4 main speakers at microblading conference in Amsterdam