Colour theory in Permanent make up

Why our clients turning back for their appointment with pink( Salomon)  eyebrows or eyebrows with blue undertone is the most asked question in our industry.

to understand why i will try to make my explanation as easy as possible

but first of all we will need to understand  what are pigments made of and 2 main categories


there are two different types of pigments ORGANIC and INORGANIC



organic pigments are much brighter, richer, luminous and intense

more translucent ( transparent)

they got better colour retention

are more vibrant and easier to implant

less resistant to sunlight, humidity and any chemicals

when you want to wash organic pigment of your skin its very hard  because they stain a lot

their are less stable but much easier to remove with laser

the most important is they are shorter lasting (fading faster)



more matte and opaque colours

little bit more difficult to implant

more stable ( end the most used element is Iron)

easy to wash from skin

harder to remove with laser

the most important longer lasting (fading slower)




eyebrow pigments are usually made from 3 primary colours as you see on the picture below


in our case blue represents any black also as –  carbon 5% as is sometimes added in eyebrow pigments,

                                                                                  iron oxide black black (natural & synthetic)


because we all know eventually black turns blue


most of the time our manufactures using mixture of organic and inorganic pigments to produce our eyebrow pigment



1)   if organic yellow and blue was used and inorganic red ( as we now from our first paragraph inorganic pigments last longer period time in skin)

because yellow and blue just faded much faster than our red inorganic we will get our unwelcomed  salmony eyebrows as fading result



2) in other example we used pigment that has been mixed with yellow and red organic and blue inorganic ( iron oxide or carbon)

and again because red and yellow faded much faster our clients coming back with blue undertone for their usual top up.


but please be aware there is not always pigment to blame that   eyebrows turning unpleasant colours  but also our choice of pigment for our individual clients and their skin type

as putting warm pigment on warm skin …


as we all know now this process is unavoidable

when we are in such situation  there is our best friend ( pocket colour wheel )

there is no need to remember our colour usable for corrections

we can find such colours on colour wheel and in permanent make up those colours are always on opposite side  called complimentary colours 



images (3)

as you see on picture above

opposite colour of red is green ( in pmu usualy as olive)

opposite of blue orange

violet and yellow