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Will I be able to return back to work the next day?

Yes, Immediately after treatment, the colour will appear much darker but It will lighten within 3 to 7 days.

What factors will affect permanent make-up?

Colour retention is affected by different factors including the shade of the original color, the person’s age and metabolism, skin type and condition, exposure to UV radiation (sun, tanning ), smoking, certain drugs and medications, and skin peeling treatments such as Retin-A or microdermabrasion and exercise, stress.

How long do Permanent Cosmetics last?

From 2- 4 years but we recommend permanent make up should  be enhanced and refreshed. It’s called “colour boost” every 18 months because some fading will occur over time.

How many treatments are needed?

Two to three treatments are usually needed. The colour fades dramatically after one week, up to 60%

On the second visit we will be adding the required amount of pigment to get the desired colour.

How long does each procedure take?

A well-trained and experienced permanent cosmetics specialist will take a minimum of 2,5 hours or more for an initial appointment. It should include a consultation (if not done before) and a review of the person’s medical history. Time is then used for determining the best design and predrawing, color selection, numbing, the actual procedure, photos, after care instructions.

Is it safe?

YES…Permanent cosmetics utilize sterile pigments with cosmetic grade colorants that are approved by the FDA as safe for human use.Allergic reactions are unlikely. However, a sensitivity test is given.The tattooing equipment used should have parts that are completely disposable or can be autoclaved. All needles are  sterile, disposable, and for single use.

Does it hurt?

NO…  Luckily there are now many products the permanent makeup technician can use that will reduce the pain of any and all procedures.  There are topical, over the counter anesthetics that knowledgeable permanent makeup technicians use regularly.    The technician can and should start with a pre-procedure anesthetic that is placed on   anywhere from 10-20 minutes, depending on the product.   This will limit the pain associated with the first needle pass.Once the skin is broken we using other numbing products as lidocain 5% so treatment is pain free.

Who would benefit from Permanent Cosmetics?

Those who:

Are fashion conscious.

Want to save time each day.

Have to look their best in the professional world.

Have sparse, or very light eyebrows.

Are allergic to cosmetics.

Have ultra-sensitive eyes.

Wear contact lenses.

Have sparse lashes.

Have visual limitations.

Have unsteady or arthritic hands.

Often engage in strenuous activity.

Entertainers, actresses and models.

Want to look naturally beautiful, always.

Want the convenience of make-up that won’t smudge, smear or wear off.

Women who travel, swim or enjoy plenty of sport

People with alopecia and cancer

People whi tint their brows

Need symmetry, colour correction or improved definition of their brows.