when i started i was confused with everything i am telling you..

all those ZIG Zags, circles, and crisscrossing to create beautiful lip blush.. it droved me crazy..

i never understood why to you technique and when to use it and the most on which client which technique i should used.. in the end i was always concentrating more on my technique  and what i am doing than to implant any color.. permanent make up for  lips always took me over 3,5 hrs to do… and healed results were also disappointing

than i find very easy way to shade …

there is always reason why people say you should invest in yourself with each new training i have been introduced something new .. there is many techniques and many possibilitys  in our industry and its up to individuals to choose the best one that works for them 

in video i show you how to do 3/4 lip blush only in 4 easy steps..

and why this way? every lip got wrinkles and i find this logical… when you start your zigzag always from your lip line… under lipline going to be your darkest area than will lighten up..