Microblading –the most popular technique in permanent make up

Microblading is very old technique for semipermanent make up that has been forgotten but came back in much modern form and under new name. Its based on using microneedles which are placed in the raw to implant  cosmetic colours precisely in dermis layer of the skin. All microneedles are in row and  all together looking like little blade, we are  inserting this microneedles in hand manual tool (that looks like pen). This technique is for anyone who is not happy with their eyebrows and are looking for the most natural solution.

Immediately after procedure hairs looks very fine and crispy.

The method is ideal for anyone

–          people wanting to enhance their brows

–           People suffering from alopecia

–          trigonometrical or any other condition that causes hair loss those people benefit greatly from microblading


Microblading compared to machine

Due to the vibration of the machine needle penetrate in to the skin and spreading pigment around itself.. and pigment is less compact.. ,  during healing process tattooed hairs looks more blurred and less crispier than straight after procedure.  we have to deal with other issues when working with machine as  Needle from electric device also bounce of the skin when trying to penetrate inside which creating more difficulties to implant pigment in same place when we  re-forcing (going over) the same hair for second or third time. Sometimes even 3 way stretch does not help to prevent this thicker hair healing process.

why is the microblading much better? Because with  microblading we creating narrow cut, we do not have problem with pen vibration any more and no even with needle bouncing of the skin . By creating narrow cut pigment staying more compact in the skin and one place and during healing process does not spread so much as with other devices.

Time of the procedure with microblading is much shorter too than with machine that’s mean there is less trauma to you skin and shorter healing period due not going over our hairs so many times.
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we are also first training microblading provider in Uk as Katerina introduced this technique and brought itas first to Hereford city from HONG KONG 2014.




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