Permanent make up aftercare ( microblading eyebrows)

After care for your Permanent ccosmetics


Your new semipermanent make up always will look its best immediately after you walk out of your technician who did them..


usually your technician will put thin layer of any lotion or cream to protect the area for the most invasive time , when your skin is raw and went thru trauma.


Your tattooed area will change during your healing period,,

Usually look much darker straight after


Entire healing process of your treated area will take something from 4 to 6 weeks

depending on your metabolism and healthy life style


new permanent make up will develop dry flaky skin or sometimes heavy scabbing on top of the treated area which depends on treatment and desired affect your technician wanted to achieve

you might notice that your skin is itchy but its absolutely normal as your skin repairing itself


if your treated area developed heavier scabs it is very important to look after them and take care of your tattoo.. he most important is not to rub, pick or peel off your flakes or scabs



how you take care of your permanent make up and scabs can be difference between good looking tattoo, faded or damaged or patchy too


What contributes towards scabbing of your permanent make up?


Incorrect aftercare procedures

Blood, pigment and plasma(lymphatic liquid) drying on the area

If an infection has developed

Excessive application of your after care cream or ointment



However your scabbing look like it always need your attention and proper care and yes type of scabbing is reflection of the technicians work they did to your treated area.. different techniques requiring different pressure even different sizes of needles and sometimes we have to repeatedly go over a particular area and do few passes which will cause more trauma and damage  to your skin


Your new permanent make up will go through many stages as we already mentioned


  1. drying and closing of your open wound
  2.  up to other 3 hours your treated area will produce yellowish or clear water which is lymphatic liquid (plasma) it is totally normal as your skin trying to protect itself with this behaving, but once this plasma sometimes mixed with blood, ink will be exposed to the air it will start to dry on top of your skin and begins the formation of your scabs
  3. and more of this fluid will merge together mixed with dust that is in the air and create more usually dehydrated crusty layer
  4. dry skin will tell a lot about your treated area if it become infected area will usually by red swollen and oozing can be yellowish green ( in such case we highly recommend to see your doctor)


how to avoid heavy scabbing and heal your skin in healthy way 


let me mention some flaking or scabbing is normal because it is natural process and way our skin heals.. this scabbing has to dry than crumble and fall off naturally .. if those scabs fall off sooner than they should it will potentially cause fading of colour, patchiness blended lines or missing elements of your permanent make up



you can reduce the way your scab look and developed .. by understanding your proper aftercare.


In first 3 hours after you received your permanent cosmetics wash and clean your treated area gently


Wash your hands before doing any aftercare

You can use any antibacterial soap  and wash your treated area gently to remove  plasma, blood, died skin cells and ink… be careful not to over do it and be extremely gentle

Do not use tap water as it does contain many living organism and bacteria which can actually cause post treatment infection. The best is to use distillate, mineral or sterile water.( if you do not have any of them you can boil water in your kettle and let it cool a bit before you use it.


Once you cleaned treated area tap gently to dry than you can apply thin layer of your aftercare


It is crucial that in time you do not apply aftercare on scabbing itself but apply only around your scab to moisture area and reduce your scab from lifting..


As we all have busy life style it is understandable you will still go to work and carry on with your daily routine but Have in mind that some bacteria mixed with dust will love this area and your tattoo is exposed to the air.


Before you apply other aftercare layer if needed, treated area has to be cleaned gently again to reduce any infection


Again do not pick or scratch off scabs of any size as ink can sits within these scabs gradually leaching back into the skin and it will affect the way it will look


Of course there are situation that we can not affect for scabs to be peeled of earlier than they should example when we sleep, if permanent cosmetics will be itchy it will be only your reflex to scratch it in night..

Or some people sleep on one side of their body more than other which will lead for one side of tattoo to fade more than for another..

Also dressing up, our clothes can catch on peeling scabs and they can be pulled off


When your scab lifting and crumbling be extremely careful when you performing any aftercare procedures or doing anything, this is very important time when you must protect the scab the most



Tips to remove excess scabbing


Some of the methods described here may be a bit risk and should be used only at the end of your healing process


Wash your tattoo normally as you would you can stand in shower for about 4 min.


Than tap dry gently again, your scab will start to shrink  ends lift off and will fall

off naturally


or when they are lifted but holding in small area you can stand in shower take antibacterial soap and use palm of your hand , roll your hand over scabs to make them softer and  fall off faster when dried out