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Embroidery Microblading Class for Brows UK


Semipermanent make up course for machine

Our course and diploma is fully recognized in Uk and insurable

This class does not teach all sources of permanent make up, just eyebrow reconstruction. Lip and eyeliner procedure not included on this course. For machine training cost please see info below

Course with home pre-study of 36hrs

online tattoo infection control course provided with our courses

Class is for 4 days with one extra day of  assessment

Starting at 10:00 – 17:00

Free assessment day up to 6 months after your training.

Free ongoing support 24/7

This class has a maximum for 2 students

One shadowing day for free up to 12 mths after course

1st day

Welcome and introductions to each other.

Collection of pre-course homework. You will be sent this at least 1 month before your training course starts.

Collection of Insurance documents that will cover you for the duration of the training course. You will be required to have insurance in place before your attend your training. We will send you details of this in your pre course homework, and have set up a special policy that will allow you to train safely at the Katerina training school.

Introducing to permanent make up and full understanding of your pre – home study

Hand tools, blades and 5x eyebrow  pigments, measuring tools and pencils, medical bin, hair net, alcohol wipes and much more will be in your starting kit

Before you start our course you will need to provide us with proof of your student insurance to cover you during our course and during your case of studies.

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This basic permanent make up class is designed to ensure every permanent make up student is trained to become a skilled, confident and knowledgeable student that will finish the course with skills and confidence to practice permanent make up eyebrow procedures.

– Introduction to permanent make up
– History of art and permanent make up
– Overview of different types of machines and devices available and their differences and benefits

Colour and pigment theory

– Understanding the colour wheel and how to match correct colour to skin tone of client
– Pigment preparation, choosing pigment, mixing, storage

Make up application

– Understanding of correct methods of pmu application
– Education of the diffrences of temporary pigments
– What should and should not do when applying pmu

Anatomy of skin
– Understanding of skin composition and layers
– Care and healing
– Skin diseases, disorders , infection, scars, moles, psoriasis, eczema, allergies

Tool,machines and products
– Introduction to the various types of machines and hand tool
– Appropriate needle selection, configuration
– Maintenance, correct insertion, identify needle demage storage of needle, disposal and preparation for sterilization

Sanitation and sterilization , hygiene
– Equipment sterilisation
– Disinfectants and antiseptics
– Osha and cdc guidelines regarding blood borne pathogens
– Prevention of cross contamination and infections#
– Proper handling of hand tools
– Proper wearing, all disposables

Client consultation
– Client profile, analyse and enquire clients desires, expectations
– Discuss the overall aspects of permanent make up
– Medical condition
– Understanding of patch test febore pmu and allergies

Consent form
– Discuss informed consents
– Medical questionnaire
– Liability issues
– Understanding of storing clients consent forms9 signed)

Skin preparation
– Preparing clients skin for pmu and various licenced anesthetic

Procedure experience
– Work on latex skin
– Observe procedure ( demonstration)
– Hands on work using models

After care
– Forms and instructions
– Clients follow up


You will now leave the training academy and get to work on your portfolio. You must submit 10  procedures to us, with consent forms correctly filled out, and clear photographs. You will then book a date for your assessment. You have 6 months from leaving us to complete your portfolio and book your assessment day. Once you do, we will provide you with a certificate of successfully completing the course.

The cost of our course is £3200 and we require an £800 deposit to secure your place. Your deposit is NON refundable due our costs to book your place if you would like to re-book (change date ) of your course minimal notice of 4 weeks has to be given otherwise new deposit is expected !!! You can pay the deposit via the PayPal Button here. Or by bank transfer, we can also take deposit over the phone on 07784441530  The final balance will be due 2 weeks before your training starts.

We highly recommend to complete our eyebrow design course before your training this course is 2 days long and teach you (eyebrow shape, waxing,face shapes, infection, tinting with our eyebrow I am INK GEL)   cost is 650 pounds if booked in conjunction with our course.

We are the main supplier for Microblading in the UK and all extras can be purchased in our online shop.

We are offering machine course also for £6000 + VAT including  machine and kit. course is run for 6 days and teach you full face treatments including LIPS, EYEBROWS, EYELINERS.

Our existing students can attend this machine course for only 3800 +VAT (4 extra days)

our semipermanent make up course for machine including starting kit and machine cost 5800 + VAT we offer discount for students who already trained with us !

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