UK microblading presenter in magazine

Katerina Zapletalova was first person in Uk to introduce Microblading technique of semi permanent make up .

She decided to go to hong kong and learn this invasive treatment from first hand  only two months later she presented first ever masterclass in Uk for technicians who has been already trained in permanent make up  and had place for only 12 people in the class.. those 12 had same believe as her that Microblading is the hottest thing on their market and many of them took long tour from all over the word to come to Hereford city Uk to attend it..


“this event was amazing and lasted for two days i could not wish for bigger success in my life than to be first in something in whole country, this event was very professional and friendly and i was glad and felt lucky many of technicians had same believe and vision about its popularity and interest “.. said Katerina


since than this technique over flooded market every where there is more and more people interested in it to learn, to teach and the most important name its self Microblading is already well known in public ear too.


last year Katerina was invited to Poland to introduce this technique in Gdansk city and also to judge permanent make up competition championship in warsaw

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I am very proud to take next step in my career and be published in  FOREVER magazine for permanent make up.. now i know my opinion counts and i love to give advice to beginners in this wonderful technique